"Investing in the Future of Tech"

Zavain Dar, Innovation Endeavors

"[Computer Science] is about solving a problem in a way that's intellectually pretty and beautiful, but if you're ever going to apply it, in a way that's efficient and tractable. And really that is a creative process."

In college, Zavain Dar pursued a unique major combining computer science, linguistics, philosophy and psychology into a rich interdisciplinary study. Some could call it Computer Science++, but formally, this creative major is called Symbolic Systems. With his unique academic background, Zavain founded a start-up, worked as a data scientist, and now serves on the Investments Team at Innovation Endeavors, a venture capitalist firm. At the same time, Zavain is passionate about politics, philosophy, and social justice. Excited about what he'll do six to ten years in the future--whether he makes a return to academia or delves even further into social justice and philosophy--Zavain's life enriched by computer science is unpredictable and exciting.

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Brainstorm more cool combinations of computer science and other fields. What about computer science and business? Computer science and politics? Computer science and biology? What cool ideas have come out of these interdisciplinary studies?