"Virtual Brain Scientist"

Yael Shrager, Palantir

"That’s actually how I ended up in technology. It was about the problems that we were solving with technology and about the people that I’d get to work with."

Yael Shrager leads Product Navigation at Palantir; her team drives product direction – what Palantir should build over the next one to several years. She earned a BS in Symbolic Systems at Stanford and a PhD in Neuroscience at UCSD, and then pursued postdoctoral research on human learning and memory at Harvard. Throughout her academic career, she put her programming skills to work, from analyzing complex fMRI data to creating a virtual environment for testing spatial memory. A former dancer and neuroscientist, she chose to work at Palantir because of the problems the company is solving, her role in solving them, and the team of people she gets to work with.

Yael applied her computer science knowledge to create a virtual environment for her research as a PhD student. What could you envision building for a different field using computer science?