“Woman Behind Your Newsfeed”

Raylene Yung, Facebook

“I think that in the future, everybody should know how to program, and that it all aspects of life it will probably help you. And to imagine that like half of the people in the world are disadvantaged in that way is pretty scary to me.”

Raylene Yung, an Engineering Manager at Facebook, has worked on an expansive array of projects over her five years at the company. From enhancing Facebook’s privacy experience to helping build Facebook Timeline, Raylene uses her knowledge of computer science to connect people from around the world. When Raylene first joined Facebook as an engineer, she was part of a small group of technical women at Facebook, and started a “Women in Eng” community at the company--one that has significantly grown in size as more incredible female technologists join her.

You can learn more about what the Privacy Engineering Team works on via her recent AMA on Reddit here.

Take Raylene’s advice and find or start a community of women engineers in your area! Or if you’re already part of such a community, share your experience in the comments