“White-Hat Hacker”

Masha Sedova, Salesforce

“The opportunities that Computer Science, that a degree in Computer Science and those skills will enable are just astronomical. And most of the careers that you could probably do with a degree in Computer Science don’t even exist yet. Isn’t that exciting? Most of the technology that you’re going to build with a degree in Computer Science doesn’t even exist yet. . . . You’re building the future. And that’s pretty exciting”

Masha Sedova is the Director of Trust Engagement at Salesforce.com, where she is responsible for security awareness training and communications. She is originally from Moscow, Russia. Her grandmother was one of the first computer scientists in the USSR, and has been a role model for Masha and her father, also a computer scientist. Masha has a degree in Computer Science with a focus on computer security and a minor in Mathematics. During her last two years of college, she participated in CyberCorp’s scholarship program and went on to work in computer forensics for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and to do cyber vulnerability research for the defense contractor Northrup Grumman. Masha is white-hat hacker, a good hacker, in the world of computer security.

Salesforce.com is a company that makes social and mobile cloud technologies for enterprise. They help companies in all industries connect to customers, partners, and employees.

Here are some links Masha recommends to learn about computer security: CyberCorp and 20 coolest jobs in information security.

Masha’s grandma was a computer scientist, and served as a role model for her when learning to code. Who are your role models, and how have they inspired you to pursue technology? Let us know in the comments!