“Political Programmer”

Jessica Lord, GitHub

“I love that you can want something to exist, and then it can exist.”

Jessica Lord was an urban designer for the city of Boston when she got the chance to try her hand at software development as a Code for America fellow. The project exposed her to GitHub (a code sharing platform), which got her thinking about how the transparent nature of open source software development could be an asset to governments around the world. As a developer at GitHub, Jessica co-leads GitHub and Government, where over 200 government organizations now share information from apps and website backends to location data and public records. In addition to her work at GitHub, Jessica is active in the open source community, which she cites as a resource and a reason for learning to code.

To see Jessica’s work for GitHub and Government, go to: http://government.github.com/

To learn about GitHub and get started using it, learn more at https://github.com/ and try using git at http://try.github.io.

Are you a developer interested in improving government with technology? Learn about and apply for Code for America at: http://codeforamerica.org/

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