"Coding for a Connected World"

Emily Gasca, Facebook

“A lot of people can do it and they don’t realize they can because when they first look at it they’re like ‘I don’t know what this means,’ but a lot of people feel that way”

After studying psych in college, Emily decided she was ready for a change of pace. She enrolled in Hackbright Academy, an intensive software development academy exclusively for women. The female-dominated culture of the academy helped her thrive, and she fell in love with programming while building a compiler (a program that transforms code into something your machine can understand). Now, at Facebook, Emily works to ensure that people all over the world, speaking languages from Quechua to Icelandic, are able to connect with their friends online. She also appreciates Facebook’s rich tradition of Hackathons, which has given rise to features as integral to the Facebook experience as the “Like” button.

Learn more about Hackbright Academy here.

If you’re in the Bay Area, participate in a women’s hackathon at Facebook on March 29!

Interested in what it’s like to code in an all-women environment? Find an all-women hackathon event near you, or start one of your own!