"Digital Literacy Advocate"

Cordelia McGee-Tubb, Salesforce.com

“I also am just very passionate about being creative in whatever way possible, and I think technology is really great for that because if you have an idea for something you can build, there aren’t limitations. You can just go out and build it.”

Cordelia McGee-Tubb, originally from New York City, works at Salesforce.com as a prototyper on the User Experience Team. She received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Computer Science from Vassar College and got started in the software development industry through the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference. Upon graduating, she started working at Salesforce.com as a software developer and has recently become a prototyper because of her passion for the humanities and design. Outside of work, Cordelia creates web comics, loves photography, and creates blogs for herself and friends. She is also very passionate about digital literacy, and she volunteers through Community Technology Network each week as a part of the Salesforce Foundation.

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Cordelia created a website to help her pick what movie she wanted to watch. What’s a website you could make to help with a task in your life?