Brina Lee, Instagram

"You can't build products that we're all going to use build by just men. You can look at engineering in so many different ways, and I can impact Instagram with a girly touch."

Last year, Brina Lee joined Instagram as their first female engineer. But her journey to where she is now was not without challenges. When the marketing position she secured after college offered her an opportunity to learn web development, Brina fell in love and decided to go back to school to study Computer Science. Yet despite the skills she had gained, she struggled to prove to companies that she deserved a chance to hack on their products. Still, she was able to persevere through these setbacks, drawing inspiration and support from the women she met at the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing. Now, as a female pioneer on Instagram's Android team, she actively works to bring more women into the field, and serves as an inspiration for the next generation of women technologists.

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Learn more about Grace Hopper, the early century computer scientist who built the first compiler here, and learn how to attend the celebration in her name at www.gracehopper.org!