2013 Keynote Speakers

Marc Andreessen

Co-Founder and Partner, a16z

Co-Founder, Mosaic, Netscape

Mr. Marc Andreessen is a co-founder and general partner of the venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz. He is also co-founder and chairman of Ning and an investor in several startups including Digg, Plazes, and Twitter. He is an active member of the blogging community. Previously, Andreessen developed Mosaic and co-founded Netscape. Mosaic was developed at National Center for Supercomputing Applications, on which Andreessen was the team-leader. Andreessen co-founded what later became Netscape Communications which produced the 'Netscape Navigator'. Netscape Navigator was the most popular web browser for most of the 90's, only to be overtaken by Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, which was based on NCSA Mosaic. Andreessen also served as chairman of Opsware and Chief Technology Officer of AOL after AOL acquired Netscape.

Featured on the cover of Time and other publications, Andreessen became a poster-boy of the Web 1.0 bubble generation: young, twenty-something, high-tech, ambitious, and worth millions of dollars practically overnight.

Mike Schroepfer

Chief Technology Officer, Facebook

Mike Schroepfer is the Vice President of Engineering at Facebook. Mike is responsible for harnessing the engineering organization's culture of speed, creativity and exploration to build products, services and infrastructure that support the company's users, developers and partners around the world.

Before coming to Facebook, Mike was the Vice President of Engineering at Mozilla Corporation, where he led the global, collaborative, open and participatory product development process behind Mozilla's popular software, such as the Firefox web browser. Mike was formerly a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems where he was the Chief Technology Officer for the data center automation division ("N1").

Mike holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degrees in computer science from Stanford University and has filed two U.S. patents.

2013 Panelists

Sandy Jen

CTO and Co-Founder, Meebo

More than just the "server chick", Sandy is actually the technical co-founder behind Meebo. When Google acquired Meebo for a reported $100 million earlier this year, her title was "co-founder and Chief Technology Officer". Sandy's honest advice for entrepreneurs: "It's the same advice I'd give entrepreneurs at any time - stop wasting time and give it a go. No one's going to tell you how to do it, you have to figure it out for yourself. Instead of drafting business plans, going to entrepreneurial conferences and worrying about if you need funding or not, focus on what's important and that's getting your product (or venture, or whatever) out the door to your users. It's going to be a lot of hard work, but you'll have so much fun it'll blow your mind." (Courtesy of Women 2.0)

Caroline Simard

Associate Director, Diversity and Leadership, Stanford School of Medicine. Research consultant, Anita Borg Institute; Trustee, Ada Initiative.

Dr. Caroline Simard is Associate Director of Diversity and Leadership at the Stanford School of Medicine and a STEM diversity consultant. At Stanford, she is responsible for the implementation of a pilot initiative to increase the work-life integration and career development of faculty. Prior to joining Stanford, Simard led the Anita Borg Institute's (ABI) research and executive program initiatives. Her research on the barriers facing women in technology received national attention. She led the design, data collection and analysis, writing, and dissemination of the Institute's first major research initiative: "Climbing the Technical Ladder: Obstacles and Solutions for Mid-Level Women in Technology". In addition she has published major reports on underrepresented minorities in technology, employee retention strategies, attributes of senior technical women and issues facing K-12 Computer Science Education. She is on the Board of the Ada Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the representation of women in open source technology. Simard is passionate about social science research and its role in creating practical solutions to social problems. Prior to her roles at Stanford and at ABI, Simard was a Researcher at the Center for Social Innovation of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Caroline holds a PhD in communication studies from Stanford University, with a focus on organizational theory, high-technology industries, and social networks. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Universite de Montreal and a Masters degree in Communication and Information Studies from Rutgers University.

Debbie Sterling

CEO and Founder, GoldieBlox

Debbie Sterling is a female engineer and founder of GoldieBlox, a toy company out to inspire the next generation of female engineers. She has made it her mission in life to tackle the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math.

GoldieBlox is a book series+construction set that engages kids to build through the story of Goldie, the girl inventor who solves problems by building simple machines.The GoldieBlox Kickstarter campaign raised a total of $285,881 (with a goal of $150,000) from 5,519 backers in just one month. The Kickstarter campaign generated over 25,000 likes on Facebook. Debbie has spent her life savings to prototype, test and get her ducks in a row for an initial run of 5,000 GoldieBlox units. The Kickstarter was launched to raise money to get the engineering toy produced so it can go into the hands of girls ages 5 to 9.Prior to founding GoldieBlox, Debbie served as the Marketing Director of Lori Bonn, a national jewelry company. For the past 7 years, she has also served as a brand strategy consultant for a wide variety of organizations including Microsoft, T-Mobile, Organic Valley and the New York Knicks. Debbie's inspiration to create a mission-driven company came in 2008, when she spent 6 months volunteering at a grassroots nonprofit in rural India. This experience helped pave the way to finding her true passion: inspiring the next generation of female engineers.

She completed her degree in engineering at Stanford (Product Design, '05) and currently lives with her husband in San Francisco. (courtesy of Women 2.0)

Donna J. H. Novitsky

CEO, Yiftee, Local Gifts, On-the-Go

Depending on how you count them, Yiftee is Donna's 3rd or 19th start-up. She is also a former partner of a leading venture capital firm and teaches marketing to engineers and entrepreneurs at Stanford University.

As co-founder and CEO of Yiftee, Donna leverages her leadership and marketing background to build the right team of employees, investors, partners, merchants and consumers. She oversees all financial aspects of the company, drives many of the marketing programs and contributes to product design, while making sure the company strategy is clear and execution is on target.

Donna is a Fenwick and West Entrepreneurship Educator at Stanford in the School of Engineering. She co-teaches Global Entrepreneurial Marketing to graduate students and entrepreneurial executives worldwide.

Prior to Yiftee, Donna was CEO of Big Tent Design, www.bigtent.com, a fast-growth Internet company that provides a free web software platform for groups. BigTent is now a subsidiary of Federated Media, and continues to help community groups such as parenting clubs stay organized and vibrant online and off. BigTent's revenue is primarily derived from engagement marketing programs that connect brands with its million-plus membership of "chief household officers."

Donna joined Big Tent from Mohr, Davidow Ventures (MDV) where she was a Partner for almost nine years, serving as VP Marketing in sixteen MDV-funded start-ups. Prior to MDV, Donna was VP Marketing at Clarify Inc., a CRM pioneer that she helped establish, grow and take public. Her career began at Sun Microsystems in product management. Donna holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering with Distinction from Stanford University and a Harvard MBA. She is married with two teenage children and participates actively as a school volunteer.

Documentary Presenter

Jocelyn Goldfein

Director of Engineering, Facebook

Jocelyn Goldfein is a Director of Engineering at Facebook, where she drives new product design and architecture and helps scale the engineering organization. Her teams are responsible for key Facebook product features like news feed, search, and photos. Prior to joining Facebook, Jocelyn was Vice President and General Manager at VMware, where she ran the engineering and product teams for VMware's desktop products. She previously was Director of Engineering at e-mail management start-up MessageOne. Jocelyn holds a bachelors degree in computer science from Stanford University. (coutesy of Anita Borg Institute)