#include Fellowship Program

Introducing the #include Fellowship Program

You asked us to bring she++ out of Palo Alto and into your communities - and we listened! she++ is delighted to invite you to join the #include Fellowship Program, a community of High School and College students passionate about technology.

Our Mission

At she++, we aim to demystify the stereotypes around technology and make this field more accessible to the high school students who will make up the workforce of the future. Through the #include Fellowship, we will expose students to computer science and empower them to pursue this incredibly rewarding path. Furthermore, we desire to start a movement of students inspiring other students to get involved with technology. Our goal is to help advise students to become young leaders in technology.

What is The #include Fellowship Program?

The #include Fellowship provides resources and content to ambitious high school students who wish to cultivate their own technical skills and facilitate conversations within their communities about computer science & the importance of diversity in technology.

Each High School student will work with a College advisor to bring technology into their communities. High School students may apply to present their work over the course of the year at the #include Summit (April 3-5) at Stanford University.

How to join the Fellowship Program

If you are in High School:

If you are in College:

  1. See here for the FAQ!
  2. Sign up online to become a #include Fellow. You will be matched with a College advisor and receive your Launch Kit by mail. The deadline for registration is December 18th, 2013.
  3. Affect change in your community. Your Launch Kit will contain resources to help you bring Computer Science into your community, for example by starting an AP program at your school or organizing a panel of industry speakers.
  4. Apply to attend the #include Summit. When you sign up, you will also gain access to the #include Portal, where you can access your Launch Kit electronically, contact your College advisor, and apply to attend the #include Summit in Spring of 2014.
  1. See here for more information on the #include Advisor role.
  2. Sign up online to become a #include College Advisor. You will be matched with a #include Fellow, who you will mentor throughout the year.
  3. Help your #include Fellow change the world. You must make yourself available to any questions, concerns, or problems your #include Fellow may encounter.
  4. Help your #include Fellow apply to the #include Summit. You will also gain access to the #include Portal, where you can access your #include Fellow’s Launch Kit resources, contact your #include Fellow, and review their application to attend the #include Summit in Spring of 2014.

The #include Summit

The #include Summit is the year’s capstone event, taking place April 3-5, 2014. Summit attendees will be selected from the #include Fellow applicants, and will be invited to attend an all-expense paid weekend in Silicon Valley. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet industry professionals, tour some of the world’s top tech companies, take a programming class and experience firsthand the ins and outs of Silicon Valley.

How to Attend the Summit

All #include Fellows are highly encouraged to submit an application to attend the #include Summit. College advisors are encouraged to advise their #include Fellows throughout the application process and should help #include Fellows complete all of the application materials. Applications should demonstrate commitment to she++’s mission, by showing what the applicant did with their Launch Kit, why they did it, and how they measure the impact in their community. Projects can range from starting a computer science class to organizing an engineering talk or panel, and beyond. Additionally, applicants should submit a technical sample, which demonstrates their initiative to learn a technical skill and apply it to something they care about.

she++ will select 30 of the #include Fellow applicants who demonstrate passion, initiative, and a desire to pursue technology, and invite them to the Stanford University campus for a weekend. There, the #include Fellows will deliver a presentation on their experiences using the Launch Kit in their respective schools and communities and on their technical projects. There will also be a roundtable event where the #include Fellows will discuss ways to rebrand the image of technology, classes for the #include Fellows to sharpen their technical skills, and tech company tours.

Questions, comments or concerns?

Feel free to contact the Co-Directors of the #include Fellowship, Rachel Mellon (rbmellon@stanford.edu) and Lucy Wang (lucywang@stanford.edu).

Also check out our frequently asked questions.