Learn to Program

Why Learn To Code?

"Great coders are today's rockstars." - will.i.am

No matter what your profession, you will interact with code.

Coding, like reading or writing, is becoming an essential skill. We will all interact with technology in our jobs, so learning to code will enable us to greatly increase our impact. (Credit to CS in HS for the image!)

Your life revolves around technology.

Smartphones, iPhone applications, social media, search...it's all computer science. We should know how to best use the tools that we interact with on a daily basis.

Still not convinced? Hear it from Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, will.i.am, and the likes!

Credit to code.org for this awesome video!

Learn to Code!

Ready to go? Start here!

This is code.org, an awesome website devoted to aggregating the resources you need to learn how to code. It will guide you through writing your first program. There are lots of great tools for you to choose from on the site, but here are some of our favorites:

Code Academy, an online tool that lets you build code right in the browser!

App Inventor, by MIT and Google, lets you build an Android app via drag-and-drop programming, and instantly use it on your phone!

Khan Academy, a portal for learning almost anything via video--including coding!

CodeHS, a Stanford-sourced project that is using the University's curriculum to teach high school students (and you!) to code with Karel the Dog.